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Must-Have Patio Accessories

Decks and patios are the places where BBQs, bonfires, and other outdoor gatherings feel the best. Before you gather with loved ones outside this summer, prep your deck or patio area with these must-have accessories that can enhance your parties with comfort and style.

Keep cool

Sunny days are ideal for gatherings, but the sun can make it hard for everyone to enjoy themselves. Keep yourself and your guests refreshed cool, comfortable, and hydrated to prevent any heat-related problems.

If you lack space or struggle to find a convenient place to keep a beverage cooler, consider this side table that doubles as a cooler. This convenient piece of furniture is easy for guests to access while they sit and chat and provides a long-lasting chill because of its tight seal, so you won’t have to replace the ice constantly.

Direct sun exposure for prolonged periods can be harmful to your skin, not to mention squinting to see other people isn’t ideal for conversation. Patio umbrellas help block the sun, but they can get knocked over by wind or rain and don’t always provide an area of shade large enough for everyone to use. This shade sail is large enough to keep you and your guests cool and protected from harmful UV rays.

Bright ideas

When the sun goes down, the usefulness of your outdoor space shouldn’t go down with it! Try these bright ideas to keep your activities and conversations well-lit.

These sturdy solar-powered metal lanterns mimic a flickering flame to create instant ambiance. Lanterns are popular because they can double as a stylish and practical light source on your deck or patio. If you choose to use solar-powered lanterns, you won’t need to worry about an open flame or replacing the batteries. They are also very versatile, as you can hang them on an exterior wall or place them on your outdoor tables. If lanterns aren't your thing, there are string lights as well as umbrellas that come with solar lights built in.

Light and Sound

These outdoor Bluetooth speakers not only add music, but light with realistic flickering flames. If you place them strategically around the perimeter of your deck or patio, you’ll have a surround-sound setup so everyone can enjoy music no matter where they’re positioned. Don’t worry about putting the speakers away at the end of the night or before a storm since they’re waterproof. If you're looking for something to blend in more with the outdoor environment, try these Bluetooth rock speakers.

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